Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Strawberry's Calling

I've been trying like hell to ignore the call of the sale boot, seemingly hundreds of them on 34th Street all trying to lure me into pre-spring spending debt. So how could it be that the little corner shoe department, hidden on the lower level of Strawberry in Manhattan Mall, sucked me in and spit me out with two new pairs of boots (almost three)? Incomprehensible. All I can say is visit and see for yourself. I can't believe there's anything left in size 9 but it's true: the elusive sale sizes are there. How much on sale? 50% off the lowest marked price on selected items, which seems to be most of the boots in stock.

Those flat greys are Steve Madden, $35 down from $109.99. And the Blowfish snow boot, an ugg-comfortable boot I'll wear, is just $20. Also seen at the sale: Jeffrey Campbell black riding boots for less than $50, and not on sale, cute Jeffrey Campbell bi-color pumps (under $70). Yes, these are all probably last season but they don't look it.

Tomorrow we'll continue with more Strawberry, as I almost threw out my shoulder thanks to the enormous armful of clothes I dragged into the dressing room (upon exiting said room one is where? On the perimeter of the boot sale. Resistance is futile.)

Strawberry, Manhattan Mall, level 1 & C1, 33rd & 6th Ave