Monday, January 28, 2008

Social Remedies

Why I'll never quit my day job to become a blonde socialite:

"Tinsley Mortimer never wears a coat either, but it's not for the cameras. It's to preserve her firm complexion, which some swear happens when your skin's exposed to extreme temperatures."
-from Faran Krentcil's Page Six Magazine column, Six in the City, in Sunday's Post.
Retail PR beware: you better stop this story before it spreads or risk a drop in next year's winter coat sales. But speaking of complexions and extreme temperatures, here's a good product to apply winter mornings and evenings:

You'll find this in the skin care aisle of 34th Street's drugstores, like the Duane Reades on 1 Penn Plaza East & West. I discovered it after my aesthetician caught me jogging one cold, blustery morning. After lecturing me on the dangers of winter weather, she recommended an expensive product to protect my easily irritated skin. Being broke as usual, I asked about cheaper alternatives. Lucky for me she's not just my skin care specialist but also a friend, and she told me about Aquaphor. I've had a tube in my nightstand ever since. I use a lot at night on my face, lips and on rough spots (dishpan hands, elbows, knees, feet). In winter mornings I'll use a little under moisturizer. My mother used it on her scars after major surgery removing skin cancer from her face, and I hear it's great for eczema. I'm happy to see an "on the go" size on the Aquaphor website; I'm looking for it today.

And as I've been attacked by strange allergies this week and have suffered from endless sneezing and runny nose, I've been using another favorite drugstore product: Bacitracin. Did you know this antibiotic ointment is the only thing that relieves and quickly heals soreness from noses chapped by tissues? Ask your freshly inked friends for bacitracin testimonials, as many use this to help heal new tattoos.

Duane Reade, 1 Penn Plaza West & 1 Penn Plaza East