Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Big Ten Inches

For the new year, the Fashion Herald is mixing it up. We've asked fellow blogger Xmastime to guest blog his New Year's resolution, the traditional "losing of the weight." But we're giving him incentive old-school fashionista style: Friday we're going shopping for some new jeans in his target size. So all of you fashion bloggers/addicts out there need to send in your dieting tips, because he's your beer-drinking guy, not your metrosexual Cosmo guy. For example, regarding Friday shopping times he asked "are clothing stores even open on 6pm Fridays? Who spends Friday evenings shopping?" Ah, so innocent, so cute! Soon we'll have him pronouncing "Ghesquiere" and "Louboutin" if we have our way. But first, we're going to have to make sure he hangs his new jeans next to his refrigerator and not in a pile on the floor.

Xmastime will be posting weekly updates. And his goal? A lofty 10 inches! Yes, he wants to transform his 42 inch waist to a 32. He's got the whole inches thing down, which is a good start. All of us trend dieters know the inch has replaced the pound in diet-speak. Check out his post today for more methods to this ten inch madness. I say congratulations, and bring it. Free gym membership, anyone? He could be your very own Jerod.


Anonymous said...

Is this 10 inches in under a year? Wow!

Tricia said...

That sounds a little fast, right? But I'm no dietician so we haven't gotten that scientific yet. I'd be happy with 5 inches off his waist in a year.