Monday, January 7, 2008


We've been testing out some stockings in the office: control tops, the traditional, and even a no-waistband variety. It's no surprise that these results vary widely. Macy's Herald Square has a large hosiery department on floor 1 1/2, and Hue (tights are 2 for $17) is very well represented. Racquel loves the metallic/silver luster tight with control top:

"The stockings were great, I love the stretchy feel to them. They are comfortable with a perfect thickness and tight fit. Once on, I could barely feel them. It was almost as though I was wearing a new layer of skin, as bizarre as that may sound. Another great thing is that they DO NOT itch!"

In this day and fabric-innovating age, we should not have to contend with the itch, especially on the waistband. I am emboldened by the news that Hue control tops are itch-free and feel au natural on your skin. Next up, Fran, who donned the non-control top Hue opaques:

"I like their opaque quality; you could definitely not see skin through them. They didn't have any elastic tummy control dimension which I enjoyed, because sometimes when stockings have too much going on in the waistline I get a stomach ache by the end of the day. They were very comfortable and didn't bunch up or fall down like other stockings."

After my body shaper test, I can relate to the stomach ache issue. Our poor bellies should not have to sacrifice for proper leg coverage. KT has been looking for hosiery with a comfortable waistband, so I gave her the Calvin Klein "zero waistband" ($11) for "maximum comfort and control without a waistband." She, unfortunately, was unable to properly test the "zero waistband" as the stockings were way short. But the size should have been correct according to their chart. What's going on at Calvin Klein?

I tested the "Legwear Ellen Tracy Perfectly Opaque" control tops. Unfortunately, they were not "the best thing next to you," as their label states. The day before I had worn my body shaper, so perhaps my control top threshold was maxed. But these were too binding and itchy on the waistline. Pros? The color, blue, was nice and they were completely opaque. But for $12 I'd look elsewhere. A good standby is H&M, the 34th & 6th store has a big selection. For waistband comfort I get the hipster tights as they ride low, they aren't tight, and the price is right.

Macy's Herald Square, 151 W. 34th between Broadway and 7th Avenue
H&M, 47 W. 34th between 5th & 6th