Saturday, January 26, 2008

Egg Foo Young Cont.

I'm craving me some Xmastime, how about you? Let's pick him up where we left off, post jeans shopping and Day One of his diet:

"Thanks to Trish [me] for being so patient and understanding (slowly explaining to me that the guy wasn't kidding about being able to have your jeans hemmed or altered). The whole excursion wasn't so bad after all. As for my diet, today I had a bowl of Cheerios, a can of tuna and then a big salad for dinner. I worked out for 45 minutes, which was perfect cause I blacked out after the first 15 and came to just in time to go for my one-hour walk. So Day One I feel good, I feel light, I feel like I can do this. And I got some jeans with a 33-inch waist hanging on my wall waiting for me, so it's 'Katy bar the door' I'm coming through and finishing 2008 thin, healthy, and with a Mrs. Xmastime."

One week later...

"One week down, one inch off. If I keep up this pace that means I will be chatting up the ladies in my INC size 33's on May 19 - and I know I will be doing well that night cause it's the 46th anniversary of the famous "Happy Birthday" performance Marilyn Monroe gave JFK at MSG. Speaking of which, I've spent a lot of the past week thinking of my beloved egg foo young.
Not because of my diet, but because I spend most of every week thinking of egg foo young. One thing I won't miss is the egg foo young combo at China Taste on Graham Avenue. If you eat there they insist on putting it on a plate that is the exact size as the food. The rice is piled a foot high and goes all the way to the edge of the plate. You're terrified that moving one grain of rice wrong will make the whole thing come tumbling Jenga. It grosses you out to even think about scooping the rice up off the table and eating it: in the end I don't like to offend my hosts so I scoop. At $4.55 a combo plate it's not really worth jeopardizing US/China relations.

So I feel like I'm onto a good start. Eating right, dedicated to my workout regimen. Thinking about egg foo young instead of eating it. Lil Xmas is trying to be supportive, but I can see in his eyes he's wondering who will actually be able to fit in the 33s first, him or me. The race is ON, little man!!!

Having to arrive at the bar 20 minutes ahead of anyone else so you can sit down and bring your body temperature down from 'surface of the sun' to 'just off the surface of the sun.' I won't miss that."
Well, I was craving some egg foo young but not anymore. Return tomorrow and read about Xmastime falling off the wagon (but not with egg foo young, thank god). Wait and see if he can get back on, thus someday getting him into the size 33 INC jeans we bought him at Macy's Herald Square. Go, Xmas, go!