Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ciao, Enzo

Enzo Angiolini is leaving Manhattan's best midtown mall (my criteria is based mostly on the existence and authenticity of a mall staple, the "food court"). I was grief struck to see the "Closing Location" sign on the second floor, as this is the store that produced the pretty grey Echo gloves. But isn't there always a silver lining? Now I own the bright, coughdrop blue Echo knit cap (right), formerly $30, now $8. The white Nine West hat (left) was $30 and is now $11.99. Everything in the store is 60% off the marked price. There are: boots; suede booties; lace-up booties; and lots of Nine West flats (same company, the store across the hall is already closed). Sizes are limited and the store was hopping so visit soon. No booties in size 9, but there was a 9 1/2 in the brown lace-up this afternoon. There's also one lovely dove grey Enzo jacket (waterproof?) in a large for $30. Store closes on the 29th of this month.

Enzo Angiolini, Manhattan Mall level 2, 6th Avenue & 33rd St.