Friday, January 4, 2008

Hold It In

It's all about the INNRWR these days at the Fashion Herald; not bad timing as it's freezing outside and I'm happy to be testing some extra layers.

After scoring with the Hanky Panky, I was flush with success and went back for some Spanx. But no luck, Macy's is not a Spanx vendor. So I looked for alternatives. Enter the Hanes Smooth Illusions Go Figure, pictured right and yes, mine did almost hit my chin. They can be found on floor 1 1/2 at Macy's Herald Square for $18. Similar Spanx cost $34.

I wore them all day at work, which perhaps is an unfair test. Most women would wear these under gowns, dresses, and other party attire to alcohol-consuming events. I generally don't drink at work, and spend most of the day staring at a computer. So from 1pm - 6:00pm all I could think was "God my ribs are about to explode." Whereas if I was flirting over champers in a gorgeous gown with everything tucked away I'd be thinking "Thank god my corset is all in order, where's that waiter?" And soon I would feel nothing at all.

So, yes, the Hanes work. I felt very racehorse-sleek and walking down the street is an invigorating experience; truly you are propelled forward by your undergarment. Keep a pair of these in your drawers (ach, can't help it!) for bloating, fat days, and other special occasions. Drawbacks? Men aren't big fans,* they're not sexy, and I don't recommend them for sitting at your desk and drinking water all day. They're a bit of a struggle in the ladies room.

*for a man's point of view read Spencer Morgan's kind of gross and funny Spanx trial in The New York Observer

Macy's Herald Square, 151 W. 34th between Broadway & 7th Avenue


Angelissima said...
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Angelissima said...

Hey! Great site!
Listen, as a non-thong-wearer myself, have your KT try these:

Brought to us by SPANX guru Sara Blakely. Check her bio!

Anyway, ASSETS are a dream come true.
Hold it all in, nice and smooth, soft, no binding or bunching AND the best thing...You can drink water all day long...they move up and down easily.

I can't wait to try SPANX. I am overcome with ads from Nords and Bloomies, butt (excuse the bun-pun) I'm not sure I'm willing to part with the funds...yet.

Tricia said...

Hmm, I want to try the "unbelievable underwear" and the "lucky leggings." What are the waistbands like? I wish Target would come to 34th Street....