Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hydrate in Herald Square

Don't think because it's wintertime you don't need to replenish your body with essential fluids while running around looking for the perfect boot on sale in your size (see post tomorrow). After you find that $400 boot for $100, the last pair in your size you eagerly snatched from the horrified salesman (60 cal.), the one you tried on, pulled, zipped, and gazed lovingly at in the mirror (110 cal.), and the pair that gave you that final rush of adrenaline as you carried them to the counter, dug for your credit card, then walked joyously down the street with your victim in tow (50-150 cal.), please drop by Herald Square to rehydrate. Gatorade is promoting its new "G2," a low caloric electrolyte drink. Thus the free samples today and tomorrow in Herald Square. Here's Derek Jeter helping out Gatorade last night on 34th Street:

It's tragic that men who work out for a living continue to wear baggy jeans. But I still like this rear shot (left) as he completely physically dominates everyone. Click on the right for the classic Jeter burning gaze. Whoa, welcome to sports, fashion fans. And that G2? Thanks god we can now guzzle a low-cal Gatorade. It'll help fuel spring shopping frenzies and keep us confident in those little skirts and dresses.

*completely unscientific calculation of calories burned