Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Body, New Jeans

I'm not quite there yet body-wise. But this is where I was on the way to the hospital:

Now I'm understanding those kind of horrified looks I was getting from my husband during month 9. Get the BellyBandit, preggos!So I'm pretty grateful I'm now here:

Edun jeans on sale for $19.99. And horizontal stripes: Scary yet so cute.

I had to get biggest-size-I've-ever-worn interim jeans, and the best place to get jeans that will hopefully be too small for me in a couple months is Daffy's Herald Square. I bought these Edun jeans for $19.99. I was looking for a generic cut with good length. These practically drag on the floor.

There's also plenty of Victorinox basics, cute trenches (DKNY, below), and these crazy leggings, all on the 6th floor:

These leggings, on clearance for $12.99, should be called "Why I Love Daffy's." Drop-crotch, asymmetric fit (maybe not on purpose), and argyle-patterned, you can always find a crazy little European gem at Daffy's.

And as now it's required that I check out the previously rarely-visited 4th floor, here's a Small Paul alert at Daffy's Herald Square. Dang, breaking my "not too much baby posting" rule already! But what's a cuter holiday gift for a niece, friend's baby, or little cousin?

Daffy's Herald Square
, 34th & Broadway


Make Do Style said...

You are looking mighty fine now - I'm amazed and filled with admiration for the pose before entering hospital!

Anonymous said...

I hope you snapped up those insane argyle leggings, lady! They're awesome.

Tricia said...

Make Do - I couldn't believe it myself when my mom sent me the photos! You just don't realize how big you are till you see the evidence :)
Sal - nope, too small for me so I left them for the general public!

DeLa Joops said...

Please don't tell me that your 'on the way to the hospital' photo is not taken on a subway platform - that's what it looks like. Our 95 camry would hardly be luxury but dang....

WendyB said...

You've come a long way!