Friday, December 18, 2009

Back in the Saddle

I'm back from maternity leave and ready to hit 34th Street in time for some last minute holiday shopping. It's time, too, to rejoin the adult world, as guess who forgot her husband's birthday while on leave?! Yes, shameful! So first thing I did was visit Daffy's Herald Square for a little boy shopping. More on that next week, but don't forget Daffy's this weekend for his Christmas gift. I always check out what's displayed by the registers at men's on 7. There I've seen great sunglasses, gloves, ice scrapers with gloves attached (love), and dopp kits (an old, guy-gift standby). Daffy's is having a rare sale this weekend, so you couldn't ask for better timing. Go here for more Daffy's gift ideas.

But back to me. What's tops on most new mom's personal agendas? Getting back in shape. Because this:

Baby Herald's first office visit.

comes with some major belly growth. Enter belly-saving, postpartum accessories.

A Pea in the Pod boutique in Macy's Herald Square carries the Loving Comfort Postpartum Support belt (left). I used the Belly Bandit. And trust me, these things work. I was huge, and skeptical, but bought one because my doctor recommended it. The results really surprised me as I saw a difference after a few days (nope, not paid or given a Belly Bandit to write this). JCPenney sells the Medela version online here.

Women have traditionally, in different cultures around the world, wrapped their stomachs after delivery. Not only does it keep things in place, but it helps that belly to shrink back in the proper inward direction. It also provides welcome support after a c-section. And it's so much less daunting hitting the gym if your belly isn't totally out-of-control. Annnd, the Bandit constantly reminds me to suck in the gut.

Finally, I vow to try and not obsess too much on baby clothes in the future, and post for us big girls too. But have you seen the baby leggings at H&M?! Uh-oh...

Daffy's Herald Square, 34th & Broadway
Macy's Herald Square
, A Pea in the Pod Maternity boutique, 34th btwn Broadway & 7th

, Manhattan Mall, 33rd & 6th Avenue


Erin said...

Welcome back! And what a cutie!

WendyB said...

Welcome back! Baby Herald is beautiful. And I'm remiss because I never did that guest post *blushing*

Make Do Style said...

I so wish I'd had one.
Love the baby pic best though! xxx

Anonymous said...

Hurrah! She returns!

The Spicers said...

She's beautiful!

39th and Broadway said...

So happy to have you back! Baby FH is too cute for words.

The belt- Wow, I had no idea. So it makes sure things go back where they belong, I'm scared to think where these things would go with out it!