Thursday, February 25, 2010

Arise Africa at Fall '10 NYFW

I didn't attend many shows this season due to the baby schedule, but happily did manage to catch a few that were favorites from seasons past. One of these was the Arise Africa show. Last year the show was in one of the tent's smaller venues. This year it was shown in the Tent, the big venue, and was FREAKING FABULOUS.

A few photos from the elegant and dramatic Black Coffee collection:

And a video from the amazing Deola Sagoe (please excuse the angles where it looks like I'm standing on my head):

You can find them online, but let me quote my co-worker who also attended: "That was the best show I've seen yet." And she is no newcomer to the fashion shows.

Besides the great audience reaction, best was the flow of the collections. All three designers have enormous talent, but all were so different, and the energy from one to the next built beautifully. What an entertaining look at some impressive talent. As each year seems to top the previous, it looks like the African continent is home to abundant designer talent.


Romany said...

Wow! You're right very elegant. Such a nice change from a lot of the grunge that you see on the runway these days.