Monday, February 22, 2010

Massive Sonia Rykiel Pour H&M Post

Baby Herald can bring a big sigh of relief as there won't be any scary matchy-match dressing in our near future. I just didn't like the fit of the big striped sweater ($49.95).

The dress looks OK on the left, but really it looks like the picture on the right. Too baggy.

Bought the leggings ($9.95) for the baby, and OK, maybe just a little matchy-match. I got the scarf ($24.95).
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The dress (with pockets!) I wanted to buy for Baby Herald, and the yellow skirt ($17.95) I couldn't resist.

All the bow tops were great fun. $34.95, $39.95, and $24.95.

There's perfectly crystal-adorned Rykiel...

and then there's wacky Rykiel. Here's what I call the big rock dress and the pile rug vest ($49.95).

I love the tote ($3.95 and 30% goes to charity) and picked up the adorned, cross-body Rykiel bag ($24.95) for a friend's 6 year-old daughter. Her dad said "She's going to love all the stuff on this purse."

My husband gave this jumpsuit ($69.95) a thumbs down.

I loved it in the dressing room, but it looked a little goofy at home. If the rear view was a little tighter, I would have fought for it, but it hangs sloppy back there. I was surprised that the medium in this jumpsuit runs really long and fit a little too baggy all over, not just in the rear. Some of the Rykiel sizing was confusing. I'm tall, and currently not exactly back in pre-baby shape, so I thought the medium would be a tight fit. Nope. But other mediums fit fine, like the very adorable "bodycon" dress ($49.95). And I'm not a big fan of "bodycon," mainly because I'm sick of reading about "bodycon."

This pink skirt also surprised me, tiered ruffles are usually not my thing, but this wasn't bad at all ($49.95) Suspender-like ties are attached.

After making a big dent in the Herald Square store, I walked down 34th to our other H&M at 7th Avenue. There wasn't as big a selection, but I did see the trompe l'oeil bow sweater in black and pink, and found the black and white striped sweater in a large ($29.95).

I want to keep it, but the large is really large. I thought perhaps it would be OK with leggings, but it's cut too big all over. I'll be returning it with the jumpsuit. But that doesn't mean I didn't think the collection was a success. As a whole I thought it was fun, full of Rykiel stripes and garnishes, and reasonably priced. The jackets, in particular, feel solid, fit perfectly boxy, look very Rykiel, and are a great deal for the price ($69.95).

Herald Square, 34th & Broadway

, 34th & 7th Avenue


Anonymous said...

I'm SO glad you got the scarf. Those stripes are marvelous, and should be worn by both baby and mom.

WendyB said...

I like the boob bows on you.

Lisamaree said...

Not inspired to get into it. Except maybe the jump suit for the next (extremely unlikely) time I get a spray tan and need something to wear home.

And that dress is a nothing hey?

Craig said...

LOVE the tiered skirt. I didn't even see that in the look book.

Tricia said...

Craig - me either. great fit, i was surprised I liked it!
Hammie - Yeah, the dress was a disappointment. The scarf is enough for me. I almost kept the black sweater, but the material is a little thin.
WendyB - this collection was a boob-bow fest!
Sal - the girls stuff was the CUTEST! And I'm def. keeping the scarf!

Katie K said...

Please wear the scarf and bring the leggings-wearing baby into the office one day!! I think the blog needs a picture of the matchy-ness!

Anonymous said...

You should have bought the black sweater, it was gorgeous on you!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I think you scored with that scarf. Definitely my favorite piece!