Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bally Sale at Soiffer Haskin

Because I live in Brooklyn, it's not often I'm down on 34th Street on the weekend. But Saturday was full of Sonia Rykiel at H&M Herald Square and Bally (prices, left) at Soiffer Haskin at 33rd & 8th, so I had a good Saturday morning tour in the district.

I'll post my Rykiel pictures on Monday, but if you were really interested, you've already been. I'd bet on there still being some of the shoes, perhaps scarves, and maybe a few sweaters in the store tomorrow. Also there was a rack full of the jumpsuits at the Herald Square store and the H&M at 34th & 7th. And if you were coveting the Sonia dolly, it looked like no one was taking her home on Saturday.

It's definitely worth a drop by the Bally sale, too (pics above). I often view these Soiffer Haskin sales as drawing from the older, monied, suburban set. And Bally is no exception. But don't overlook this sale because you think you're too young or not conservative enough. You wouldn't kick any of this stuff out of your closet. There are some gorgeous wedge sandals, spectators, booties, and beautiful flats, and a couple of interesting belt styles ($50-$125) and jackets. I doubt the belts will be around for long, but I'm still going back for the final days when it's all discounted even further. Last day of the sale is Wednesday.

Update on Monday: Further reductions taken today!

Tuesday Update: Last day of the sale is tomorrow. Final markdowns up to 90% off.

sale at Soiffer Haskin, 33rd St just west of
8th Ave