Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spring Boots on 34th Street

Due to our little snowstorm here in NYC, our regularly scheduled staff post has been delayed till tomorrow. In the meantime, a peak at a couple open-toe boots for spring.

The new alice + olivia boots for spring, available now online:

And alice + olivia for Payless does it again. Stone-wash denim, a 4 inch + heel, and that signature metal tassel, these are $49.99. I'll be checking them out at the Payless on Broadway & 34th. Meanwhile, these are now in the window at Zara on 34th Street:

I added the whole look because I'm digging it. I think this is a successful open toe boot design, and I think I want to be this mannequin. She looks like she really knows where she's going, and she's doing it in a very chic manner. Ahh, success, Zara window designer: fashion as fantasy translates to the blogger walking 34th Street with Baby Herald drooling all over her Baby Bjorn. Also, I was accompanied by my new intern, who should be debuting on Friday and who shot this for me with his iPhone after Mama Herald realized she killed her work camera batteries with excess baby pictures. Happy snow day to all.

Payless, 34th Street right off Broadway
Zara, 39 W. 34th St. between 5th & 6th


Lipstick said...

giggle...excess baby pictures! I took hundreds (I am not exagerating either) of pictures of JBB *sleeping* in his first year.

Cool boots too.