Friday, February 26, 2010

Payless Designers: Spring 2010 on 34th Street

Here are my favorites from the 34th Street Payless spring designer collaborations. And a disclaimer: we are talking about Payless here, these shoes are all under $50 and not Italian leather, ok? But for those of you looking for a cute, inexpensive shoe, the Payless designer shoes are a great resource. I'll grade the comfort as Hurt/Didn't Hurt.

#1 fave: the Christian Siriano blue tennis shoe. The fact that I chose a tennis shoe is no reflection on my new lifestyle. Ok, maybe it is. But this shoe is so cute on. And comfort-wise from walking up and down the store aisle? Didn't Hurt.

#2 fave: the Siriano black patent sandal/boot. This is really a tie for #1, so it redeems my tennis shoe choice. Comfort-speaking, Didn't Hurt, and style-wise I love it the most of all the spring collaborations. It's a little funny to walk in at first as there's no support on the back of the heel, but this also means no heel blisters.

Fave #3: The alice + olivia boot I posted a few weeks ago. I tried it on, and not bad. The leather looks a little too plastic, but the fabric and the straps get a big thumbs up. These are a good mix of tough and chic. It's got a 4+" heel, so be careful, and, comfort-wise, it's on the Hurt side. Not horridly painful, but it's not comfortable. I like how it looks with jeans.

Fave #4: this alice + olivia sequin flat. It's a flexible ballet flat, so it doesn't Hurt, but I wouldn't call it comfortable. Still, I love the a+o sequin flats, and still regret not getting the black sequin flats from last year.

Fave #5: Siriano platform heels. Adorable, but they kind of Hurt. Still, I can take a little hurt for that print.

#6: not really a fave, although I liked the looks of the Lela Rose wedges. She's so consistent with her pretty, fashionable designs for Payless, and usually her comfort is the best. But both of these were awful to walk in. The cute green wedge slipped badly when I walked (to be fair, I'm probably in between shoe sizes post-pregnancy). But that dyeable special occasion shoe on sale for $10 was particularly unbalanced. I felt like I was teetering to the right. Hurt here means really don't buy.

Payless, 34th Street just west of Broadway

Payless, 484 8th Avenue at 34th Street


WendyB said...

I love "didn't hurt" as a rating. I'm going to start rating my friendships that way.

Midtown Girl said...

LOL to Wendy's comment!

I'm loving the Lela Rose wedgies - maybe I'll stop in and check those out ;-)

Wish people could see how beautiful you are!!


Glendy said...

Hmmm you're making me wanna go to payless and get some shoes from Siriano, I need to hit herald square soon ;)

much love,
Glendy <3

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I am so into numero dos. MUST hit up Payless STAT!