Tuesday, February 2, 2010

JCP for NYC Fashion Week Hundred Dollar Challenge

Enc of Observation Mode asked me a good question on comments a few weeks ago: "Why didn't you buy the [H&M] cream top?" Here's why: while checking out what's in stores on 34th Street, I've been thinking of Make Do Style's New Year Style Challenge, which basically is stop frittering the $$ and save it by not spending till the end of March. Then buy one beautiful piece.I didn't officially join the challenge, so I felt unworthy to post the Girlynomics badge. But it has made me stop and think before I spend, which, in combination with a new baby and a husband in grad school, was the icing on the incentive to save.

But Fashion Week looms and again, I've got nothing to wear. Really. So I decided to do a personal modified challenge: $100 for Fashion Week clothes (not including shoes). I wasn't going to do just one store, but then I found myself tearing through the I Heart Ronson, she said section of JCPenney Manhattan Mall, and, an hour or so later, agreeing with the girl ringing up my seven purchases for $100 who said "Aren't these cute?" I do love the approval of a young fashion clerk.

I'm starting with the ones that got away. Shoes ($34.99):

And a I Heart Ronson fur vest, listed for $62.99 online(was $90), but it may be further marked down in store:

More from the JCPenney $100 Challenge through the week.

JCPenney Manhattan Mall, lower levels 1 & 2, 33rd & 6th Avenue


Kira Aderne said...

oh my!
The pink shoes are stunning!!

I am so glad you are great my friend, I wish all the best for your life!!!



Make Do Style said...

Ha! Very good I can forgive you the burden of NYC fashion week. That's not too much money spent at all.