Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tweeting Intern & Twinkle by Wenlan

What is it with my cats and Fashion Week? Are they sensing my outfit stress? Dread of long lines? Because another one of our felines bit the dust this NYFW. Last time I complained about having to take the cat to the vet and thus miss shows. This season it's Arm Baby + stroller + Barry the Cat + cat carrier + snowbanks + people who can't seem to get the door for me = UGH. At one point in Brooklyn yesterday, someone must have been looking out their window, horrified, as I wiped out on a snow bank with Arm Baby, yes, in my arms. I gotta give her credit as I was on the verge of tears and she was just looking at me like What? This is nothing!

So I wasn't at the tents yesterday but luckily I had my new, Twitter-fabulous intern hanging out and crashing shows. Click on Twitter link at left to catch up as he was tweeting furiously today, too. Intern Craig is also debuting his first post tomorrow on the blog, in which he discusses all things Kardashian on 34th Street. Here's what I love about Craig: he has strong opinions on fashion and he knows his celebs, which I totally don't. I certainly don't know the difference between Khloe and Kourtney, but after the Superbowl can definitely point out Kim.

I did manage to go to some shows this past weekend. Posted are pictures from Twinkle by Wenlan, of which I can say LOVELY, especially if you like a perfect little dress. Her dresses thrilled my co-worker who is a Dress Girl. However, I must admit to thinking, after seeing several come down the runway, that there was nothing new in their design. They felt a little predictable. Her knits, though, were anything but. The knit dress below is no run-of-the mill frock; it was one of a couple standout dresses for me. And check out that white sweater above: sexy with huge, chunky cowl neck. Now that's hard to accomplish.  Gorgeous sweaters in this collection. 

But it was her pants that really impressed me. Yes, Yes, Yes, is pretty much what I tweeted during the show, because I want them all. Skinny pants so skinny you think they are leggings, graphic pants that almost evoke Partridge Family bus but in a good way, and tapered, baggy pants. The pair above shown with the striking white sweater are perfect. Look for them come late spring at Macy's Herald Square, where you can usually find the Twinkle collection on the second floor. 


Anonymous said...

I loved all the knits in this collection. Didn't know you were there (no iPhone=no Twitter on the go).