Monday, August 2, 2010

It's a Material World

From All About Madonna, Taylor Momsen and Lourdes (Lola) on the Material Girl set

Girls, it's time to relaunch your inner Madonna. Material Girl launches tomorrow at Macy's Herald Square around 10am, I believe, with a Taylor Momsen performance, but I'll update here if I get more information.* In the meantime, visit the Material Girl blog for a little insight into the mind of Lola, daughter of the original Material Girl and co-muse of the Material Girl line. I am fascinated by her stream-of-consciousness posting, but that's probably because I'm mom to a girl who in twelve-and-a-half years or so will be using words like "FABNOSITY." See?! Fascinating.

*Taylor will be appearing and performing at Macy's Herald Square from 5pm - 7pm tomorrow evening. Eager, early bird fans can line up for the collection launch at 10am for freebies, etc, go here for more details.

Macy's Herald Square, 34th Street between Broadway & 7th Avenue


Make Do Style said...

Oh my it seems bonkers that Lourdes is officially in business!

WendyB said...

I wish Madonna would adopt me so I could be a famous designer. Sigh.

Tricia said...

Make Do & Wendy - At least she says in one of her blog posts that she & her mom don't design the line - FINALLY, thank you.