Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chris Benz Spring '13 Collection

Intern LCogs observes the Chris Benz Spring 2013 collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Chris Benz's spring 2013 collection is all about the beautiful/ugly contrast. Benz explains, "It’s a madcap mix of old lace over a shocking color and really garish prints mixed with really beautiful prints."

The beautiful bright colors, layering, and fun prints made for a wonderfully intriguing collection. Although several of the same prints were used in different ensembles, all of the pieces maintained a unique look. 

I spotted quite a few celebrities at the presentation, including Paula Abdul, Susan Sarandon, and Kelly Osbourne. It was incredibly thrilling, but there's nothing like a celebrity sighting to make a girl feel out of place! I've been told that this is a common fashion week ailment for a novice, and by my second season I'll be like "Kelly Osbourne who?"

Photos by Laura Cogswell