Thursday, September 20, 2012

Katya Leonovich Spring '13

Nancy reports on designer Katya Leonovich's Spring 2013 Show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

I first encountered Katya Leonovich's line at her presentation last fashion week for Fall 2012. Hers is a brand that relies heavily on artistic elements. In February, she presented her collection with impressionist paintings, and for Spring 2013 I was curious to see how her pieces would be represented on a runway while still maintaining a tie to the arts.


The opening of the show was somewhat disappointing. Six grey gowns trailed down the runway one after the other, all looking the same but slightly different. Models wore jeweled headbands off to the side that felt dated. What did I love? The butterfly sleeves that gave the dresses a great silhouette (above, bottom).



The runway came alive when color was introduced. A sea of swirls in greens and blues on printed fabric felt like painted brush strokes. The white organza jacket with a scarf and butterfly sleeves paired with a soft leather lavender skirt (above, bottom right) epitomized a fresh spring look. 

Photo Credit: Laura Cogswell 
Rarely do we see the incorporation of politics and social issues in fashion. Katya Leonovich, inspired by the issues we hear in the news every day, closed her show with a double runway presentation: two gowns featuring the image of each the Democratic and the Republican candidate for president. It was like a silent, fashionable vote, which reminded us all to go out there and vote this November!

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