Friday, September 28, 2012

Carlos Miele Spring '13 Collection

Sometimes, at a fashion show, one dress can save a whole collection.

When this dress came down the runway, I was in awe of its yellow, animal-print perfection. And I then breathed a big sigh of relief, because before yellow animal-print I was kind of freaking out. I'm a big Carlos Miele fan. I have been raving about his shows since 2008, so it pains me to admit I can't rave about Miele for Spring '13. It's OK, I'll recover as I'm sure in February I'll be going on about how much I love Carlos Miele for Fall. It's just that spring felt too '80's hair metal.

But there were some perfectly done animal print looks and a gorgeous green gown. Also, I loved the shoes.

Perfect, flawless, and perfect. So perhaps I should say sometimes four looks can save a show. 

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