Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Imitation Spring '13: This is Not a Fashion Show

Below Jessica writes about the Imitation presentation held at Bortolami Yes, there were naked women. Of course this was Jessica's first ever fashion week show. I sent her to Zang Toi at Lincoln Center the next day for the fully-rounded fashion week experience.

Walking in the door at Bortolami, I was instantly greeted by a chorus of Christmas carolers. As I entered the main room, girls and women stationed around the perimeter peered into ornately decorated mirrors. Each model dressed, undressed, and redressed in front of the mirror, seemingly unaware of any observers and giving the impression that viewers had caught them as they were getting ready in the morning.

As viewers walked around the room, the age of the women progressed. As they aged, they wore more and more diamonds but also appeared less and less content with their appearance. While the youngest were carefree and dancing, the oldest were unhappy, brooding, and worrying over their insecurities.

The back room was host to a photo montage and nude models wearing masks with plastic surgery markings. As an act, the presentation was fascinating, challenging the standards of beauty that change with age and questioning why we as women subject ourselves to these supposed rituals.

And the clothes? Tara Subkoff’s spring collection featured light, flowy dresses incorporating lace, silk, and light weaves with a muted palette of floral patterns. Standouts were the pale blue floral dress with a flowing collar and the soft denim and lace combination.