Monday, September 10, 2012

Nicholas K Spring '13

Intern LCogs and Tricia cover Nicholas K at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

LCogs: Nicholas K's earth tones, loose layers, and jumbo hipster glasses were brought together to display an incredible collection for spring 2013. This is the first New York Fashion Week I have ever been a part of, let alone the first runway show I have ever seen. Of course I was ecstatic and in awe of everything.

The combination of the do-rag styled cap, flowing loose ensembles and large rounded glasses gave the collection an urban bohemian look that I absolutely adored. My favorite part of the collection? The huge mosaic styled necklaces and round glasses.

Tricia: I love that my intern chose three of my favorite looks from the collection (above). Although I'm always a fan of Nicholas K's uncanny ability to make flowing layers hip, this season was particularly impressive namely, I think, because of that silk satin. Who does urban cool, casual silk satin? Yeah, Nicholas K.  Also, note the men's shoes, below, by Vintage (gorgeous women's shoes by Nicholas K).

I find it challenging to shop sandals for my husband. Most are too generic or too sporty. These Vintage sandals are perfect, particularly the neutral color on the left as I don't think my man has the patience to engage in lacing around the ankle.

The Shoe Salon at Macy's Herald Square should stock some Nicholas K footwear, don't you think?!