Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Vlov - Qingqing Wu Spring '13

Nancy examines the menswear collection Vlov by Qingqing Wu.

Unlike women's fashion, extreme rarely works for menswear. Conventional goals include impeccable fit, subtle yet noticeable changes in the details, and a fresh look, which is why Vlov-Qingqing Wu is perfect for Spring '13. Colors were neutral with blue grays, charcoals, whites, and baby blues, suitable hues for a line that emanated a laid-back and cool vibe echoed by the music.



I love how Qingqing Wu keeps the blazers and trousers relatively simple and clean cut, while the undershirts and pockets are fresh and interesting. Wu's button downs provide an option to add personality to a wardrobe through patterns and colors without overwhelming the overall look. 



Another strength in this collection is the jackets. The leather jacket on the top left with the asymmetrical zipper and collar is a great color and could easily be a staple for spring. I love the variety of collar styles and zipper details Wu presents. And while it's hard to get any man out of their ratty flip flops and into leather sandals, the Vlov version looks great and goes with everything! 

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