Friday, June 6, 2008

Celia Alert!

I stopped by Express the other day and the Celia Birtwell is finally on sale, 40% off! Seems I could be the only one excited about this as there's quite a bit left on the racks. Of the blouses there are many colors, even that pretty, bright magenta (left), which is a lot more fuchsia in person. Sizes are mostly smalls and extra-smalls. There aren't quite as many dresses left; most are in the green/black & red/white prints. I tried both styles on again just for kicks, and the blouse is still my personal favorite. On sale it's $47.70 and the dress is $77.60. A deal for Ms. Birtwell's awesome prints.

Express, Manhattan Mall level 1, 33rd & 6th Ave

7 W. 34th between 5th & 6th


Always In Style said...

Agh! Of course they're on sale, and of course they're either xs, or s -- such is my wretched luck.

I'll have to pop in anyway just to ogle the goods. Thanks for posting!

..... said...

it's good to see they're on sale cuz i consider their prices a bit expensive for what it is

Tricia said...

I agree, although the quality and cut is really good i thought the prices were too much to start with.

Anonymous said...

I perfectly agree with you, in this case the prices are higher that the quality.