Friday, June 13, 2008

Cynthia's Shoes

Here are Cynthia Rowley's shoes on-stage yesterday at the HGTV Design Star event in Greeley Square:

Beautiful, I'm green with envy. They look a lot like what she showed on her spring 2008 runway. And I'm digging the nail polish, a silvery, dove-grey.

Here's the rest of her outfit, below, with the other hosts:

I like the simplicity of it all: the pretty, basic-black tent dress, the pulled-back hair, the black shades, and then, pow! Great, kickass shoes in a neutral color.

Here's some pictures of the rest of the event in Greeley Square:

The cute little house;

The contestants;

Hmm, does Cynthia has a favorite?

While we're talking Cynthia, it's only fair to remind you to not miss her Target line of outdoor gear. How cute is this madras beach tote for $14.99? I know, we don't have Target on 34th Street. What's up with that? We NEED Target on 34th Street! I'm starting a petition.

Greeley Square,
between 32nd & 33rd and Broadway & 6th Avenue,
just south of Herald Square


Richel said...

yay! someone else besides me watches design star!

Kira Aderne said...

i lobe bege sandals, it goes with everything!!

a kiss!!

Seeker said...

Yes, those sandals are quite interesting.

Thank you for the link dear :)


Anonymous said...

wow, those shoes really are amazing. since they're neutral, they're not too over-the-top, even despite all the intricate details. now, if only you can present a cheaper alternative for your loyal readers, that would be great :)

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

wow I haven't worn silver nail polish in so long, I've really been into reds and pinks the last year but I think I want to try the neon trend.

Tricia said...

hmm, good idea c&c, will search 34th street on monday! I'm thinking baker's and steve madden, maybe aldo?!
totally love neon for toenails - for a few years I've done a crazy toenail color, usually neon, and get compliments on the subway every time!

Danz said...

I like her shoes, I'm kinda turning green a little myself. Care to trade links?

Elizabeth said...

I'm very into that bag. The shoes she wore were a very interesting counterpoint to the black dress. An unexpected and cool choice.

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

i love the shoes!it is so sexy!!

terren said...

Oh my gosh!!! those shoes!

Times of Glory said...

Oh God, that shoes and those nails are superb! They are just a huge statement! I never notice any nail polish in this colour before, but will surely check it out!

Lipstick said...

Those shoes are no less than amazing!
The Target bag is way too cute! I was at the wonderful Tarjay today-wish I had seen that bag-definite purchase.

eeps. said...

did you see that david guy who won last year's? was he super duper hot? because i think he totally is. heh. i watch his color show just to see him shirtless.

Siljesfashion said...

How cool post, love her style!

Always In Style said...

We DEFINITELY need a Target on 34th I miss my suburban Target.

This madras tote has my name written all over it!