Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday the 12th

An interesting 34th Street day today. First up, found this while walking to the district, easily the most interesting outfit seen in days:

Bravo, girl! Colorful and a little kooky, don't you agree? Do you think she's meeting the girls for the Sex and the City movie later? Love the side ponytail. I was desperately trying to catch up with her, dying to know what was going on in the front, but she escaped into a building before I could get a shot.

Then, right after I shot the mint-skirted dress, the Forever 21 top I dissed yesterday walks right past me, looking totally adorable. I was so taken aback I cried out, on the Avenue of Americas to lunchtime midtown Manhattan, "it's cute on her!" Totally humbled, I realize the problem was me, not the top.

Next, on my way to the Max Mara sale, I get sidetracked by one of my favorite discount stores, Joey New York. Unable to resist $1 wife beaters, I also shop this:

A big pile of Havaianas sandals, all with little American flags! All $2! Weird, right?! There's also white and blue. I bought the yellow because all the blogging girls have been talking about yellow lately.

$2 Havaianas update: Unfortunately, when I got back to the office I checked with my Havaianas expert, Jeffrey, who immediately proclaimed "Not real!" What a shopping buzz kill. Oh, well, they were just $2 and they match my yellow-framed aviators from Forever 21.)

Speaking of cheap, someone should notify The New York Times that I have found the world's cheapest dress at the world's greatest store, Macy's. After checking out MaxMara (more on that tomorrow), I visit Macy's and am rewarded with this tag:

Dress sale price, one cent. I found this on a 50% off rack on the junior's floor, but this is more like 99.99% off. I'm assuming someone pulled a fast one and returned a worn dress? It looked perfectly fine, but had a nice, laundered smell about it. God bless Macy's for helping us out during this recession.

And just when you think it's gotten really weird, you see this:

A jacket by Paris Hilton, right next to the one cent dress. Which makes a lot of sense. But check out that lining. Does Paris know she's co-opted Patricia Field's silhouette logo (see logo necklace, above right) for her Macy's Barbie collection? Or vice-versa? And will there be a tussle? I doubt Pat would take the time to give Paris a beat-down, but then again, her new Payless shoes are called "Heiress." It would be some great PR if Pat wore her Heiress shoes while kicking some heiress butt.

Tomorrow, being Friday the 13th, will surely be more normal than today, Thursday the 12th.

Joey New York, 500 8th Ave between 35th & 36th
Macy's Herald Square, 151 34th btwn Broadway & 7th


Lipstick said...

Paris has Payless Shoes called "Heiress"?? Oh the inner conflict...way to go Tacky Girl for marketing and cashing in on your tackiness...then I think is the target demographic for those shoes called Wannabe-you know, so maybe they can kick off their Heiress shoes and watch Real Housewives or some Celebreality on VH1.

So did you buy the 1 cent dress? What was the tax on that? :)

Anonymous said...

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Elizabeth said...

Wow, what scores—the "Havis," the one-cent dress, keep 'em coming! The minty-tiered outfit was epic. Kooky, but let's give it to her, she was brave enough to go out in that. I'm not nearly that brave.

I love this writing style! I'll be back.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Love the color of the skirt in the first picture.

Danz said...

Hmm...I really don't see anything very kooky about the outfit in the first pic...but maybe that's saying something about me...

Cammila said...

I'd pay to see a fight between Paris Hilton and Patricia Field.

jillyj424 said...

The Geri C 0.01 dress is the Conway label from the store Conway on 35th and Broadway. Someone's being sneaky and returning Merch to Macy's when they dont even sell that label.

In Yr Fshn said...

That mint tiered number is form H&M if my obsessive ability to remember H&M stock is correct. It looks pretty much the same from the front, 'cept with a scoop neck on the black part. Very brave girl as all those layers aren't always the most flattering.

Great blog!

Tricia said...

oooh, Jillyj, good catch! you know, I rarely go into conway's and we've got a lot in the district. Thanks!
and thanks, in yr fshn, for the dress info, lc from Fops and Dandies has it on in a post, click through her blog, she looks ADORABLE in it, esp. w/ her FBS.

Crispy Banana said...

i love love love your shopping wit!!! i love that you shop everyone and not everything is reduced to its value by its label!

i wear expensive things and i wear cheap things, and i dont think there is often a fair gauge between the two... sometimes my cheap things outlast my "investments" and vice versa....come on ladies, just wear what u like and dont be a slave to brand names and trends!!!!!