Thursday, June 26, 2008

Why Hoochie?

I tried this H&M dress on because lately I've been tarting it down a lot. Jeans, jeans, jeans. This is the anti-jeans dress. It speaks for itself, so listen closely:

"I'm taking you to salsa dancing lessons, where you'll wear strappy metallic heels and flirt with your Latin instructor. And when you get good I'll let you sew lots of bangles onto me."

"My fabric forces you to go commando, meticulously groom and suck in your gut."

"Buy me and cut a rug, sweat, or roll around on the ground because I'm hot and cheap." [$24.90]

Oh, yeah, it's about time I brought a little hoochie mama to the table.

H&M, 47 W. 34th between 5th & 6th


Seeker said...

Your writing is so funny, loved it.
Also think you look great in that dress.

eeps. said...

i love it when clothes tell me to buy them and roll around on the ground. hott.

Anonymous said...

Hoochie is always welcome at my table...shall I set a place for you?

WendyB said...


Anonymous said...

Oh Yeaaaaahhhhhhh. Mamaliciousness is what this is saying to me. Oh yeah. We *did* acquire said dress, didn't we? Puh-leeze say yes...? Because hotness, hoochieness, it's all there, oh yes indeedy!

Cammila said...

This is one conversation in like 4 conversations that ends with you becoming a stripper. First it's "Oh, I think I should have a tight dress for when I want to go dancing," and then it's "Hey, I think I need some clear, lucite heels," then it's "Yeah, I'm thinking of wearing clothes less," and then it's "├ľkay, I'm a stripper now."

Of course, I am just joking. I mean honestly, if that's a hoochie dress then I'm about one night in County away from being an actual prostitute. You're allowed to look hot. And clearly you're good at it.

Tricia said...

Ha! Only, Cammila, will that convo happen if #2 goes "Hey, I think I need some Louboutins and hey, I'm going to upgrade this H&M number to some Versayce!"
and imelda, i'm coming over, when's cocktail hour?

Elizabeth said...

You're built for that dress. You ROCK that thing.

Always In Style said...

LMAO. You're like the dress whisperer :-) Great post!