Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fun With Diabolik

A perfect weekend movie: Danger: Diabolik! Austin Powers fans, this is a must-see. Sorry, tried to embed the trailer from YouTube, but failed and George does need a day off. Click on above link to view. 

Not just a great film adaptation of a comic book, this 1968 movie is also full of memorable fashion. Eva, Diabolik's girl played by the ravishing Marisa Mell, wears one sexy, skin-baring outfit after another. Her black stud bikini shown in the trailer is brilliant. The other girls are also decked out in some outrageous 60's fashions: think Paco Rabanne but racier. Seriously.

Then there's Diabolik, with the black latex mask, second-skin bodysuits and black Jaguar. All we want in a man. John Phillip Law, who also played Pygar in Barbarella, has cheekbones for years. The original music is by Ennio Morricone, the master.

Warning: this is a cult classic, featured on the last episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000, so if you like kitsch and 60's fashion this is your film.


Lipstick said...

Oh I do love that movie poster! I miss MST 3000, don't you?

Tricia said...

am putting MST 3000 on the queue, although i couldn't find the episode with Diabolik.

Always In Style said...

OMG, someone else just mentioned this movie to me...I must investigate!

I miss MST3000 too!

Tricia said...

rent it, you'll die! the clothes!! the really bad acting, and best, the endless super kiss - each time they kiss it's like the first time!