Thursday, June 5, 2008

Shoes About Town

I've been shoe-spotting round 34th Street these past couple of days. Here are some from Strawberry in Manhattan Mall; shoes are on the lower level. Yes, all I could think about was Yves Saint Laurent, and no, there was no miracle Strawberry YSL collection. I guess that's why they're called "dreams."

My favorite is that multi-colored, midi-heeled one, but the wedges are very cute summer shoes for $29.99. As you can see, my favs are 20% off. Don't let that tag fall off on the way to the register or you'll have to speak with management to get the proper price. Trust me, been there done that.

While on 34th Steet I had to drop by Payless and visit the new Patricia Field summer shoes (above). I tried on the blue metallic heel, and loved it, but I must say the gold is perfection. For $35 it's a great shoe collection staple. And the disco ball flat totally caught my eye. It's on sale ($19.99) and it's super sparkly. Wear it to your family reunion this summer and you'll totally be the pied piper, because what kid can resist Dorothy shoes?

Look, ballet flats at Forever 21, second floor near all the Heritage1981. I love the matte, Pepto-Bismal hue of the pair on the left. Also check out the hippy flats on the first floor near all the jeans ($16.80). I tried to shoot the excellent mess of these flats on the floor, but there were too many people in the way.

Then I popped into Baker's to see what trends they're translating. And I think this is done very well for $79.95:

This, not so good ($99.95). The heel bugs me, but they looked much better in person:

Sadly, while at Bakers, I spotted a girl trying on these gladiator flats, and all I could think was god, I'm so sick of gladiators and it's just June and I've only worn my Pierre Hardy glads once. I feel totally fashion victimized.

Strawberry, Manhattan Mall level 1, 33rd @ 6th
Payless, 110 W. 34th @ Broadway
Forever 21,
50 W. 34th between 5th & 6th

Baker's Shoes, on 34th @ 5th Avenue


Anonymous said...

after discovering bakers yesterday, i am officially obsessed! not only do they make perfect replicas of ridiculously expensive shoes, but they've got some original options as well :)

Anonymous said...

Love the first one and those with yellow... Please, somebody tell me that there are a lot of colours apart from yellow!!!

saray said...

Ohhh i want to fo to payless now!
and to forever 21 and strawberry!
they have great shoes..

Always In Style said...

I do like those multi-colored ones at Strawberrys - very 80s in a good way but I'm not so sure of those gold Patricia Fields...will have to see them in person before making up my mind. And Bakers rules -- a staple of mine since the 1980s!

yiqin; said...

I love the multi coloured onetoo! They are so pretty!

queengilda said...

those patricia field shoes are quite pretty aren't they? i've worn mine quite a few times already. :)

Kira Aderne said...

so great shoes, those one in denim are so alike as ones i´ve posted!

a kiss
have a nice week!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!! I done my summer shoes shopping from Payless and got a good experience.