Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tie One On

Love this tie-belt seen while sitting on the bus yesterday morning:

If it wasn't for that guy's ginormous man bag in my face, we'd have a better shot. But the woman sitting next to me was giving me the "perv!" look and we were at my stop anyway, so I only got the one shot. Here's a closer look:

Yeah, still bad but I think you get the idea. I'm not hip to the provenance of the tie-belt, but it's adorable on her and I also see this with rolled-up jean shorts and dresses....and is this not a good DIY project?! I'm not allowed to begin any more DIY projects as there are two baskets filled with unfinished DIY's in my apartment. I'm just too easily distracted (hey, Marianne, remember that sewing class we took 7 years ago? Yes, still working on that denim tote bag).

And I have the perfect inexpensive tie resource on 34th Street. Tie World! It's the go-to tie destination for the guys here in the office, like Martin (see "When Co-Workers Dress Alike"). For example, if Martin comes to the office looking good but tieless, like this:

and then discovers he must attend a meeting, Martin runs to Tie World on Greeley Square and ends up looking something like this:

but generally without his New Year's Eve top hat. His brown striped tie is classic Tie World. $6 for the polyester wall and $12 for the silk wall. Not bad for a cheery belt, right?

Small sign for a store named "Tie World," right? But look, cuff links!

Tie World,
1271 Broadway @ the south end of Greeley Square


Seeker said...

Great idea ;)
Looks nice and funny. I think I'm going to steal Hubby some ties :D

WendyB said...

Stalking tie belts....very interesting behavior, missy.

Elizabeth said...

Let's see what you come up with for a tie-belt.

Maybe you just buy a tie and tie it. No DIY required. I've done this.

Lipstick said...

hmmm....I'll bet Tie World is SO crowded around Father's Day

Danz said...

I love DIYing of the most impressive DIYs I've seen is a tie dress!

Always In Style said...

Cute co-worker, I love the sweatshirt and tie combo.

Tricia said...

you know, AIS, I wasn't going to say anything, but yes, he's way cute!