Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cheapo, Even For Pleather

I dropped by the Steve & Barry's in Manhattan Mall yesterday to see if it was still open and selling everything for $8.98. Yes, and yes. There is even some fall merchandise I hadn't seen before, like this Bitten pleather jacket:

Note I again was put in the big handicapped dressing room. Hmm.

The photos don't really do it justice as I was working with borrowed equipment. But I tested it on my co-workers later back at the office. They said "cute" "it looks vintage" "that cost how much?" and "get me one tomorrow!" It also got a pass from Jeffrey (office's toughest critic), but with a disclaimer "Cheap fabric on cheap fabric means lots of pills." True, unfortunately, the sweater part on the arms will hit the sweater part on the body, and pilling will ensue. And I don't really like it zipped up as the neck strangles me, but I prefer it open anyway. Buy this a little small. Of course, as it's Steve & Barry's, there are lots of XL's, but luckily there were several XS's also.

Any buying hesitation you may experience it mitigated by the $8.98 price. Another plus is how the sleeves are all wrinkled. It is now sitting in my closet in a little ball, as I'm hoping to get that wrinkled effect all over.

Steve & Barry's, Manhattan Mall, level 2, 6th & 33rd



I love cheap thrills, that look luxe! It's like a fun, little secret! :)

Thanks for the comment and for taking the time to read my interview. I appreciate it, very much. :)

Daphney said...

I saw that jacket and I didn't get it, and I returned the next day and they were gone!
It's so cute
love the blog


Hi from Paris my invisible friend, lol,

thank you very much for your kind words in my Paris street style blog.
All what I want is to humanize fashion by showing that real life is more beautiful than the artificial fashion shows and that real people are more beautiful and generous than anorexic top models.
And the stylish girl you are prove it.

Your visits, your comments, your links on your blogs and your buzz are my best salary.
I’ll do my best to please you again and again.
keep on being a delight for your readers, friends and family.
Cheers from Paris


eye4style said...

I like it but I think it's a little short:(

ButterflyDiary said...

I can't do pleather. Even tho its cheap, I could and would never wear it in public. Would be much too embarrassed

Sharon S said...

Hi there-what a cute jacket for the price!!

Kira Aderne said...

wow! Fantastic and really good price!!!
I wish i could afford this!

a kiss!!!

WendyB said...

LOL @ "pilling will ensue."

Danz said...

Cute jacket! It looks a lot nicer when you wear it open.

Hey, I'm running a Labor Day promotion on my blog that will begin in a few days. You can get a 15% discount at a great, affordable online store - check it out!

Anonymous said...

everything i've tried on at steve and barrys have always fit me poorly. =/ you look good in the jacket! makes me jealous.

Seeker said...

It's cute, but I like it more open.


Tricia said...

fc - love your blog, and a cheap thrill that jacket is, yes!
Daphney - keep checking back at S&B, they'll get shipments in all the time.
Kamel - you are too kind, and I couldn't agree with you more about real life beauty.
eye4style - it's totally short, I'm thinking of this as layering piece, not an actual coat!
BD - I should feel pleather shame, but nope! Just think of it as a statement, you could pretend you don't wear real leather to your PETA meetings!
Sharon - it is!
Kira - everyone can afford it!
Wendy - thanks for the love.
Danz - promotions, yay!
Farren - I have the same problem, fit is all over the place which is frustrating. Sometimes I get lucky.
Seeker - for sure I'm never zipping it up.

Always In Style said...

You can't beat that price - wish it were a little longer though...I'm sure it'd ride up like a mofo on me.

Siljesfashion said...

Love the good cheap stuff!

Sister Wolf said...

I think you should send it directly to SJP and ask her if she has one in her closet. If not, she should just send you one of her 'real' leather jackets to make it up to you. I'm just saying.

Tricia said...

you know, Sister, i think that every time I'm in the dressing room, does SJP have this in her closet? Probably, but her version is the not-crappy one, where the buttons stay on, and the fabric is real leather. And do I care? Not so much, cause I'm evil and then envision Ferris Bueller putt-putting through the W. Village in a bike helmet on his moped. Somehow it all works out even.

Elizabeth said...

Pretty great for $8.98.