Monday, August 18, 2008

Fit Flop Winners!

OD'd on pink? Here, to atone for all that teenage pinkness, I'll announce the winners of the FitFlop giveaway. My co-worker Kati once again drew names for me, and here are the results:

The fabulous enc of ObservationMode! Yay!

Who's the most entertaining preppy blogger? The Preppy Princess!

And lastly, very new blogger Katt of Love Want. She may have only two posts so far, but one is all about a chicken purse so she's won me over.

Nice draws, Kati! Winners, please email me (see "Call Me" on left) with your address and foot size, and I'll get the FitFlops to you by the end of the week. Visit the FitFlop site here to see sizing FAQs.

Many thanks to Lady Foot Locker on 34th Street between Broadway and 7th for donating the FitFlops. The store on 34th Street is newly renovated, so you all should stop by for a look-see. 34th Street has Lady Foot Locker, Kids Foot Locker, and the old standby, Foot Locker. Good for all your tennis shoe needs.

And, because I'm just back from vacation, and in my heart I'm still in Iowa playing euchre and dancing contra dances, here's the final word on the sister wedding outfit showdown:

#1 Fan:
Moms is working the modern look well. She was also the first one with wine in her hand. I bow to the master.

Nebraska clown, storyteller, former lounge singer, and always the last one on the dance floor. And yes, her dancing boots are to die for.

The Dark Horse! While obsessing about R and how much turqoise jewelry she'd wear, we all forgot about E! The oldest sister at 82, E is wearing a fabulous vintage maxi dress she had made in 1968. Bravo, E!

Proof that style never gets old, it just gets better.


Seeker said...

OH, congratulations to Enc from OM, I'm a big fan of her.

And I'm in love with E's fabulous vintage maxi dress.

And your mother is looking great!!!


Sister Wolf said...

If only I could age gracefully like that.

And I'm jealous about the fit-flops, whatever they are!

Lipstick said...

Your mom and E look beautiful and stylish. The dress from 1968-that is the coolest thing I have heard in a long time.

Anonymous said...

I wear Fitflops to walk my dog - they are really comfortable! (And my gluteals are rock solid!!! Ha.)

Peg and company look awesome....what a great color for her. What did our favorite fashionherald blogger wear, though? Some Kira Plastinina? That name actually sounds like some sort of Ukranian Barbie doll.

Anonymous said...

the sister outfit showdown! hehehe. i was definitely getting an overdose of pink. haha.

Tricia said...

seeker - me too, so happy enc won! And E's dress is amazing, can you believe she kept it all these years?
sister - don't think you have much to complain about - your genes rock skinnies & red lipstick hard.
lipstick - i know! couldn't believe it when she told me, 1960 freaking 8!
Maria - do you have high water booty? I bet you do. Don't the Sheridan girls look amazing!? I wore my $9 Bitten dress w/an H&M scarf and Gap jacket. oh, and my pierre hardy gap wooden platforms! 34th Street all the way.
Farren - i was home for a day and going crazy sick of pink!

Lisamaree said...

Just posted this on the competition thread,(I am a bit behind here) but want to add my endorsement here for the winners.

"I got a pair 2 months ago (early adopter me) and yep, they work. Not that I will be shaking my maracas in mardi gras. But after a day where I can schedule at least a 3 km walk in my Fit flops, My bum and thighs feel like I have been on the stairmaster. So, since it is school holidays and all I can do is take my kid for walk to the DVD shop, I am getting a work out.
Plus, as you will know Fashion if you tried a pair on; they are deliciously squishy and soft. For the first few weeks I wore them around the house as they were comfortable on the hard floors. Then they got too muddy (see above walks) as we have had a lot of rain.
I heartily endorse them and the best part? They look good. You can even get them in gold seqinned versions (mine are practical black) Way Way prettier than those awful MBT things which look, well, surgical to me"

Congratulations to the winners. But enc is fit enough anyway so she should send hers to me.

Sharon S said...

Wow-your mum looks stunning, but E surely must take the prize for most gorgeous outfit, absolutely fabulous!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to happy and lucky winners!!!!

Tricia said...

hammie - great endorsement, now I want a pair! and so true, enc is already in amazing shape.
sharon - I knew you'd love the 1968 dress as you are a vintage girl! We need access to E's closet.
angel - thanks, keep playing!

Anonymous said...

Miss Fashion! OMGOMGOMG!!!!! (Doesn't that look weird when it's all smushed together like that?!)

Can we just say how completely excited we are? We are taking Hammie & Marie at their word and finally, at long last, we pray for some tone and definition in those areas. So to speak. The Princess is a believer in the 10,000 Steps a Day program (it's major walking dude, major) so the Fit Flops will be fab!

Now, as far as the Fashion Olympics go, we are down with the gown from the 60s, as our basement storage area has several from that era... and the 70s... and the 80s... you get the drill. But Mom... Mom was stylin'! Very chi-chi and understated elegance, nice job Miss Stylist to the Stars!

OKay... back to work... if we can contain ourselves!

Welcome home, we missed you! And we hope you had fun!

Siljesfashion said...

Congrats Enc! Your mum looks lovely!

Elizabeth said...

Everybody looks superb! What a great time that must have been.

arms.akimbo said...

Put me in that sheer little cardigan any day! To the neck like Miuccia wants you to!

Tricia said...

aa - i know E's got a few good hunches left in her.
Enc - you should see the videos!

Katt said...

Ohhh can't wait for those fit flops! Thank you!!!!! What a novel concept they are. That wedding looks like good times. =)

The Spicers said...

What a stylish group! E. looks fantastic in that maxi-dress.