Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kira Plastinina Week, Day 4

Updated to add: Just a reminder, while I'm on vacation this week, and away from internet access, I've preposted Kira Plastinina Week. I'll announce the Fit Flop winners on Monday.

Time to get serious and tell you what I love about Kira Plastinina on 34th Street. But first, another Lady story! Rebecca was kind enough to bring me a dress she most likely thought would be more Lady - appropriate. Meaning not pink booty shorts. Every shopper should be so lucky to have a Rebecca, as her grey satin dress was such an inspired choice I almost bought it for the wedding last weekend. Unfortunately, my photographs didn't do it justice at all, so I'm not showing it. But here are some other examples that may appeal to us 16+++'ers:

black off-shoulder dress and top

wear w/tights to the office come fall

pretty sheer blouse w/reversible belt; layer it!

pleated bubble-skirt dress, love it and would buy it but too small:(

The clothes are a deal at the price point ($20 - $90 and up, but not much), fabrics are solid, cut is good and sizing is consistent. I can tell because I'm slightly too big for the large, but everything was close to being just right. For a junior line on me, that's a miracle. Serious conclusion? I was IMPRESSED and pleasantly surprised. Well done, Plastinina.

Kira Plastinina, 22 W. 34th between 5th & 6th


Songy said...

did you get that black dress! that's a true LBD!

Seeker said...

That LBD is great!!!!!
And seems they have a really good service.


Always In Style said...

I'm thoroughly enjoying your Kira kick -- these all look so wonderful on you -- I'll say it again, I really gotta get over there.

Alison said...

cute stuff!!

Sister Wolf said...

Get the black you even need to be told?!?!

Elizabeth said...

How on earth do you get everything to look so good on you?

My fave for you so far are the black off-the-shoulder looks.