Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sibling Rivalry

Special event dressing is always difficult. #1 Fan needed some assistance finding something appropriate for her oldest granchild's wedding, a casual, not formal affair. When she was in the city last week we went to Macy's Herald Square and I took her to the third floor, which didn't disappoint: not too young and not too boring. Here's a black top we liked, and some cute lace:

l. ?? I forget, and r. both by Alfani, exclusive at Macy's. Mom loved the fit of their black pants.

But not quite good enough, because Mom has ulterior motives. To make her grandson proud? Um, no. Keep her husband happy? Ha, no silly! Mom wanted "something that's really going to knock R's socks off." Who is R? Her older sister! Yes sibling rivalry lives well into its 70's. And, ladies, it looks like we will be dressing for other woman FOREVER.

The pressure was on. R is a professional clown, storyteller and former tone-deaf lounge singer. I think you can imagine how very stylish she is. But Mom and I scored with Tahari and Oscar by Oscar de la Renta. Bonus is both were on sale (top for $36.75 and pants $24.75). Here's the results:

I learned mom looks good in this color, and I discovered the origin of my abnormally long arms. Don't worry, the daughter with the bow-tying gene will assist on the day of the big event.

Oh, I'm so taking lots of pictures at this wedding.

Macy's Herald Square, 151 W. 34th btwn Broadway & 7th


Sharon S said...

LOL-thats a great story of sibling rivalry!! Your mum looks very elegant in this outfit and the colouring of the top is perfect!!

Elizabeth said...

And I'm SO going to be looking out for the photos; this is going to be a great Clash of the Titans for outfits. The coral top is really superb on you mom. She's great in that color.

I have arms that are so long, I call them orangutan arms. My mother is the source, too.

Maybe we can form a club for people with long arms. Join me, won't you?

Tricia said...

Sharon - Thanks! I love the top on her!
Enc - I'm in! I joked about it at my dr., and then he measured me and said "actually it's true, you do have abnormally long arms!" But how can we use them to our advantage??

WendyB said...

Tone-deaf lounge singer is my new professional goal.

Anonymous said...

#1 fan is going to look fabulous at the wedding! =)

Tricia said...

wendy - it's a lofty ambition, but i'm sure you're up for it.
farren - I agree!

Times of Glory said...

How funny! I love this! It is absolutely true that it's just hard to look perfect for attending a wedding. It has to look just right = hard! However, I really have to say the tops are gorgeous! They set beautifully!

Xmastime said...

never noticed your freakishly long arms. hmm. aint that something.

Guirec Munier said...

Nice outfits !

Always In Style said...

Ooh, I love #1 fan...can't wait to see the wedding pix!

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. Truly unbelievable. And I thought I was the only girl with gorilla arms! What a relief to ave met some of my new friends in this select sisterhood of knuckle-scraping nerdiness?!
Wish I could say they served a grand purpose, but other than making it easier to swat my brother faster than he could get to me, well, I'm not sure of any higher purpose. (I mean I'm forever the one assisting with the reaching of things on the top shelf for someone at the market, or helping reach up and change the lightbulb.)

As far as the competition goes, I love it! You go Mom! And we want lots of photos too!


BTW, I didn't see any of your posts for almost a week...they didn't show up on my mac...?

Xmastime said...

"gorilla arms" seems strong, no?

Fashion really is a harsh world. sometimes im embarrassed I rule it like i do :(

hey, we're all God's creatures! maybe even ESPECIALLY the ones we equate with foul smelling, wannabe-human, throwing their own feces gorillas!

one love,