Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fit Flopping

Lady Foot Locker on 34th Street is giving me 3 pairs of Fit Flops to give away. Thanks, Foot Locker! Really, it's thanks to Melissa from Foot Locker who graciously offered up the Fit Flops. She herself just got a pair. I admitted to her I was skeptical that wearing special flip flops will get you into shape, because there's always some new gimmick to convince women that we can magically lose weight. Let's review:

  • diet pills: I'm sure we've all been tempted when faced with the specter of cellulite on our thighs, ass, or upper arms (thanks to my husband who pointed out that arm dimple to me in the gym last week. Thanks, baby!). But back to drugs: we think hey, excellent, I'll just take this and the fat will melt away! Till later you find out it's f**ked up your metabolism and once you stop you immediately gain like 20 pounds. Or you get addicted and, well, bigger problems ensue.
  • that machine that shakes your fat away: What happened to that, anyway?
  • those tin foil sweat suits: I knew women who wore these under their clothes. Eww, smelly! They, too, melted away the fat and also caused women and men to faint, often in public and on the street. Watch out for that bus! I think they had to put some national warning out on TV about these.
  • and, in the tin foil family, Saran Wrap! That's right, wrap up your problem areas like last night's leftovers! Which, unfortunately, also causes breathing mammals to pass out on city sidewalks.
  • electrodes. Attach them to muscles and zap, you're in shape! Need I say more?
Now, I'll give the Fit Flop people some cred: they are encouraging their wearers to exercise in them. But still, the Fit Flop claims to "give you a workout while you walk" and "work your bum muscles more." I'm maintaining my skepticism until after I give away 3 pairs to you bloggers and hear this back from one of you: "OMG! My ass is like a Brazilian surfer babe's high water booty!" I am familiar with the term "high water booty" because one summer all I did was kick with flippers and a kick board in a public swimming pool (yes, in public!) per the advice of a ladies magazine and their "high water booty work-out." See, we're crazy!

If you want to enter to win a free pair of Fit Flops from 34th Street's Lady Foot Locker, just tell me in comments and we'll have another drawing. Deadline will be the end of the weekend. Please check back for winners on Monday as I'll need your shoe size and address to mail them out. No internationals, US only sorry! And if you've won anything from Fashion Herald in the last month, again sorry, you're (eep & Farren!) not eligible to enter.

Lady Foot Locker, 120 W. 34th between Broadway & 7th


Songy said...

I don't believe in those gadget stuff but it's an interesting claim they make. Basically they are saying you walk around in fit flops instead of wearing proper sneakers (or runners as we say in Australia).

would it be safe I wonder for a power walk... why not I'll try if i get lucky here!


Sharon S said...

Hi there-Oh, I wish I was in the US-I would love to have tried these!! Still, I'll await the lucky winners reviews!!

Times of Glory said...

I personally don't think it will really work, but who cares? As long as they look good and comfy, we will wear them, right? xxxxxxxxxx

Kare said...

I'd like a pair!

Prunella Jones said...

I'd try them out.

Xmastime said...


Anonymous said...

even if these sculpted my legs, i'm not too keen on the look. i sure did enjoy reading the other weight loss ideas, especially the tin foil sweat suit. SO gross!

Anonymous said...

I always wondered if these fitflops really worked...maybe i'll get lucky and win a pair!

Couture Carrie said...

cool giveaway!
and I heard that adderall has replaced diet pills as the skinny drug du jour...


Kira Aderne said...

I do love Melissa!!!
THEY ARE fantastic!!!

a kiss!!!

Tricia said...

oh, wish i could give away 10 pairs! couture carrie - i heard that too!

Anonymous said...

all of us in the office are incredibly fat and we need a pair to share! we're all size 8. we've worked out the schedule and i will be getting to wear them on mondays.

Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Fashion...

First of all, we need to ask if you will find these inappropriate (through your grief) when we wear them to the service for your husband, whom we must execute for bringing up the upper arm issue! Is he daft? (Heh. Heh-heh.)

We are a Size 8. We know they will sculpt our legs and refresh our brain so we can stop railing against the USOC.

Thank you,

PS: Where do I find a picture of the brazilian surfer babe's high water booty so I know what it is I am shooting for, so to speak?

Danz said...

Ah, we international residents always get left out :(

I think as long as they don't screw up your body in any way, it doesn't hurt to give these a try. Either way, you get a new (cute and hopefully comfy) pair of shoes!

Good luck to all the eligible entrants!

Cammila said...

Haha these are silly looking! Getting more exercise is a great idea for anybody, but I just carry a pair of flats or yoga shoes with me if I'm wearing heels. :)

I totally lolled at your diet gimmick rundown!

Elizabeth said...

I'll bite. Can you add my name, even though I'm not in NY?

brownsugarbaby said...

ok - i'd really like to know if these shoes really work. im glad to see that they've made them a tad bit more attractive but come on- prove it to me. i'd like to try a pair.

Lipstick said...

I am so intrigued with these excer-shoes! I want to be in the contest!

WendyB said...

The guaranteed way to lose weight is to eat nothing but chocolate-covered cherries and Pringles for two weeks. Trust me.

Angela said...

nothing works except good old sweat and exercise. i pay my yoga instructor to torture me 3 times a week. : )

Anonymous said...

Sounds very yummy and promising ))) i would like to try!

Hugs from Angel.

Tricia said...

Crumbs HQ - ok, if you're the cupcake hq we need to work out some kind of exchange. That's so wrong!
TP - I know, what a dummy, after all those years of living w/women and still putting foot in mouth! Get a surfer mag, I can say it defies gravity!
Cammila - Thanks, the crazy things we do.
enc - yes, you're in!
brown sugar - I'm curious too.
lipstick - name's in the pot!
Wendy - ha ha! low fat pringles, right?
Savvy - it's my dream to just move my yoga instructor into the apt.
angel - gotcha!

Katt said...

Oh sweet giveaway. Count me in!

Lisamaree said...

I got a pair 2 months ago (early adopter me) and yep, they work. Not that I will be shaking my maracas in mardi gras. But after a day where I can schedule at least a 3 km walk in my Fit flops, My bum and thighs feel like I have been on the stairmaster. So, since it is school holidays and all I can do is take my kid for walk to the DVD shop, I am getting a work out.
Plus, as you will know Fashion if you tried a pair on; they are deliciously squishy and soft. For the first few weeks I wore them around the house as they were comfortable on the hard floors. Then they got too muddy (see above walks) as we have had a lot of rain.
I heartily endorse them and the best part? They look good. You can even get them in gold seqinned versions (mine are practical black) Way Way prettier than those awful MBT things which look, well, surgical to me.
Good competition Ms Fashion.
And to Hubby, I suggest you show a picture of Madonna and her over yoga-ed Fadoobaders (upper arms) A girl needs a bit of squish on her body.

Ps. enc is fit anyway, send her my pair.


Lisamaree said...

whoops, I mean send ME her Pair!