Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gerry Cosby & Co. On The Move

Now back to 34th Street. One of our favorite stores in the 34th Street district, Gerry Cosby & Co. Sporting Goods, is on the move. No, Cosby's is not fashion. Instead it's all about the major league sporting apparel and other sporting goods. But Cosby's is worth a visit because every girl needs her team's jersey in her wardrobe (comes in handy for impromptu costume parties and looking irresistible at sporting events when worn w/tights and some death defying shoes). And Cosby's is also worth visiting as it's one of those small stores becoming all too rare in New York City these days: family owned and operated in Manhattan since 1938.

Michael Cosby is Gerry's son, and is still hands on with store operations. This week is Michael's last in Madison Square Garden, home to Gerry Cosby & Co. since the old Garden days in the 1950's. But Michael has found his store a great new home, right across the street from The Garden at 11 Penn Plaza. The entrance will be on 31st between 6th & 7th. Luckily, Michael Cosby is taking all of the fixtures with him to the new store, so it'll have the same old-school feel. He's expecting the new store to open mid-fall.

Here's the store in the Garden. Drop by this week if you're in the area, they're having a sale!

Enter on 7th Avenue side of MSG; they'll probably be out by Friday.
Umm, Michael? We need to talk. I'm not ready for Favre hanging in the window, please! Still in major Chad Pennington mourning.

Cosby's was a featured store in our first video.

Gerry Cosby & Co. Sporting Goods, Madison Square Garden, 3 Penn Plaza, but just for just a few more days. To order sporting goods (ice skates, ladies!) before the new store opens, call 877-563-6464. Cosby's local numbers will not change (212-563-6464), and the website,, is currently under construction but you can check out the "protective equipment" and "athletic bags. They've even got garment bags! You know which one I want:


the.ramonas said...

hey there! we had a big question... do you live/work in 34th street? that's obviously your favorite place to hsop, so we were just wondering :) as always, thanks for the lovely comment! see ya around!


Lipstick said...

Love that Jets garmet bag. I remember watching the Jets with my grandparents when I was little. I remember being about 6 or 7 and thinking how much I liked the color green.

Tricia said...

lipstick - it's true! I love jets green, so much better than superbowl winning giants blue!

ramonas - ladies, i get paid to love 34th Street! no, seriously, i work for the retail department of the 34th Street Partnership, a non-profit business improvement district (BID) that manages the area. We love to obsess about street signs, street furniture, stores, taxi stands, tourist kiosks, and the lovely little parks Herald & Greeley Squares. A long explanation, but a good opportunity for a little explanation of what we do! As I'm closely involved with the area, I'm very attached. So help me further harass Sir Philip Green and repeat after me: Topshop 34th Street!

Anonymous said...

hey there! F21 shoes are hit and miss. i got a GREAT pair recently of patent pumps with a peep toe that are super comfortable and they bring in tons of compliments! i would just suggest trying them on first :)

Tricia said...

Thanks, C&C, so prompt, you're the best! i'm going to go tomorrow because i want a pair of pumps exactly like you described.

Cammila said...

I was just talking to a friend yesterday about how sports inform fashion. There's that big obvious hip-hop style/basketball connection, but what about tennis skirts, bodysuits, ice-skater dresses? There's a big link!

And just so you know -- your comments always make me blush! You're just so effing sweet. You'd better watch out or you're going to give me a big head. :)

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Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad to read that the store is just moving, not closing. There aren't many mom-and-pop stores left. Here, there are a only giant chain stores.