Friday, April 18, 2008

DIY Inspiration: NYC Fashion Week Fall '08

Here's one of my favorite looks from fashion week:

Yes, all of her was as fabulous as this lower calf shot intimates. The boots, those stockings and that skirt, all fabulous. This perfect PR girl really stood out from the usual perfect PR girl one finds in the Bryant Park tent lobby. And can we do this at home? Thanks to Pam yes, we can. She too, loves this look and looked at me askance as I furrowed brow and wondered if these were special Wolfords. Or Fogal? She replied "Just buy knee-highs and roll them down." Duh.

DIY with some of Walgreen's knee-hi's at the right price of 2 for $1. They come in lots of colors, but not, unfortunately, sheer grey. That's OK, we can upgrade later.

Walgreen's, 350 Fifth Avenue @ 33rd