Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pay Even Less

It's BOGO time again at Payless. OK, it's almost always BOGO time, but right now it's really worth buying because the Abaete's, the Lela Rose's, and the Alice + Olivia's are all on sale. So you might get two pairs for $30. Flats and most heels are $19.99, and the A&O wedges are now $32.99. Go to 34th & Broadway and pick up these retro-chic Abaete "Hayworth" flats and "Harlow" pumps:

As I've said before, Poretsky's shoes for Payless are surprisingly comfortable, and you'll love how easy that open-toe pump feels;

Although my 5-inch platform shoe days are probably over, I'm still tempted to buy these Alice + Olivia's as they really are cute on the foot, under long, wide-leg jeans, and even sitting on that ugly carpet;

But who, you ask, won the spring battle of the Payless Polka Dot Flats? Well, online they're just about neck and neck. But on 34th Street Lela is kicking butt. I found only 2 pairs of her polka dot flat (7 1/2 and 10) but lots of the Alice + Olivia's. There are even nines in the green and the black and hot pink, which are sold out online. Well fought, ladies, I hope you're both back in the ring this fall for "Battle of the Payless Polka Dot Boots." Umm, or maybe not.

Payless, 110 W. 34th between Broadway & 7th