Friday, April 25, 2008

Full Fashion Disclosure: The Shoes

While walking down Fifth Avenue today in my new brown Abaete flats, I could feel a blister forming on the back of my heel. Then back at my desk, I kicked off my shoes to see, gasp, blood. This was no simple, annoying blister on my heel, but a bleeding wound. Why, you ask, did I not feel pain while walking down the street? Because I had just been thoroughly waxed for the upcoming bikini season. Still numb from the torture that is my aesthetician's specialty, I was oblivious to any other nominal, nagging pain such as a torn and bleeding heel.

But isn't this always what happens when one brags, as I did the other day about Abaetes? Like when you talk about how great your significant other is, and then an hour later you're breaking up? So, yes, I buy Payless Abaetes every season because I love Poretzky's styles. And yes, I gush to everyone about how comfortable they are for inexpensive shoes because they are. But full disclosure: these flats (above), which I still love and will of course continue to wear, are A PAINFUL BITCH to break in.

If, like me, you paid $10 for them and love them: do a preemptive strike and layer band aids on those heels before first wearing.

Memories: look! Today I broke out the old Abaete red flats (bought 2, 3 seasons ago?) which are now dirty so they look even better, are so cute I always get compliments, and are a great reminder why I'll always buy her shoes.

Payless, 34th btwn Broadway & 7th
Payless, 34th @ 8th