Monday, April 14, 2008

No-No or Yes-Yes: twin dressing?

Spotted on Fifth Avenue a few weeks ago:

Out of step, and perfectly in step.

Who wears it better? Just kidding. I did a major double take to make sure they were wearing the same boots (and jeans?), then chased them down the street to get a good shot. I'm ruling this "No-No" because you could be sending the message "I can't think for myself so I buy what she buys," or "we're a package deal." Which ostensibly some might find appealing until they realize they're hanging out with women who dress alike. Embarrassing. Trust me, once my sister & I wore similar (not same) scarves for a wedding. There happened to be not just one, but two sets of twin sisters dressed alike also in attendance, which inevitably lumped us in the horrific "sisters dressed alike" category of wedding guest freaks. So my troubled past votes "Hell No-No."

Would you wear the same boots as your girlfriend to go out about town? And say screw you to those of us doing double-takes? Well, they are really cute boots.*

*these look a lot like Steve Madden's Intyce, ($199.95).

Steve Madden, 41 W. 34th between 5th & 6th