Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Drugstore Cruising

I dropped off a prescription last week and did what while waiting for it to be filled? Shopped, of course. I love drugstore cruising almost as much Target roaming. And I perused Duane Reade's aisles for how long? Exactly "20 minutes," the magical pharmacy waiting time.

When you drop off your prescription, they will never say "just a few minutes!" No, it will always be "20 minutes," that nebulous time that keeps you in the store so you can spend not just $20 for your meds, but another $30 on snacks, makeup and entertainment. And it is magic, because as soon as you finish cruising every aisle, arms full, and sit down on the gross plastic chair, they call out your name.

Here's what I got:
-Organic chocolate bar, veggie chips, energy bar (hadn't eaten all afternoon)
-water to wash down gross energy bar
-Neutrogena alcohol-free toner (after reading that skipping the toning step of cleansing is to aestheticians what dangling babies off hotel balconies is to almost all of humanity)
-cheap, dark blue nailpolish
-Physician's Formula Organic Wear "Soft Green Organics" concealer stick

Here's what I cruised:
Trashy novels, trashy mags. Resisted buying trash.

Strange, out-of-place item:
Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals starter kit! Price was no lower than Sephora.

Best buy of the trip:
Not the antibiotics, which were woefully ineffective (resistant plague). And not the toner which I keep forgetting to use, which reminds me why I never buy toner. My favorite buy (beside the chocolate bar) was the green organic concealer. All my drugstore makeup is now going to be Physician's Formula Organic Wear. This concealer helps hide my red, problematic skin, and goes on smooth and light so it doesn't cake.

Drugstores in the district & conveniently located right by my doctor @ 34th & Park:
Duane Reade, 4 Park Ave between 33rd & 34th
Irmat Pharmacy, 2 Park Ave between 32nd & 33rd