Wednesday, April 23, 2008

For the Mens: H&M Marimekko Tribute

I've got a bit of complicated styling history with my man. For the record, I'm generally spot on. But you have one off day and it haunts you forever. Said day involved dressing him for a very public appearance on a stage, with a big audience, during which he was hit on by a very intimidating (but cute!) security gentleman. After this my styling props have been woefully ignored.

Probably buying these shorts for him will not help me regain Rachel Zoe status, but I can't resist the stripes. These shorts ($39.90) are one of my favorite H&M* Marimekko tribute pieces. I want to put a straw hat on his head, give him an old man shirt and call it fabulous.

And love the Marimekko striped shirts ($29.90), right? And the white pants, he can totally pull off white pants! They're not just for fashionistas anymore. Every guy needs a pair this summer, and these are cut great, have charming buttons and are only $39.90.

*fyi, in case you've been stalking the men's Marimekko on 34th Street @ Herald Square: all the styles for the guys have been moved to the store on 34th & 7th

H&M, 34th & 7th Avenue