Friday, April 18, 2008

Good GapBody

While at Gap trying on all the white shirts, I couldn't pass up the tempting GapBody display. And I can't believe this "one-piece" bathing suit ($50). It's a likable, demi-tankini with a great pattern. Here's the official photo and the non-official photo.

I have the worst body for bathing suits and am, every spring, tortured by the fit of the one-piece or bikini bottom. But the bottom of this isn't bad at all. It's flattering and even sexy; note the flattering, curvy side cut and the great back. I'm not in the minority as Gap on 34th Street only had larges and XL's left. Restocking should occur soon. Could it be more Marie-Amelie influence?

The khaki coverup in the photo is a super lightweight dress with a belt. Clever, as it enables a smooth transition to the beach cafe/bar. And look at this cute coverup and striped tank (below, tunics are $44.50 and cami-tank is $16.50). Guess who bought the tank? Guess who has now OD'd on stripes for spring? Someone stop me, please...

Gap, 60 W. 34th St @ Broadway