Thursday, April 3, 2008

Steve & Barry's = $8.98

Everything in Steve & Barry's in Manhattan Mall is $8.98. Space is limited in the store (looks like big renovations), so I'd recommend shopping during off hours. During lunch and peak hours it will be crowded. Still, those checkout kids are fast.

Here's what you should pick up:

Bitten goods. Dresses and denim jackets for $8.98 is a bargain. That disco pink bodysuit is the most Carrie item I think I've seen SJP do for Steve & Barry's. It fits surprisingly well, although yes, it rides up. But show me a bodysuit that doesn't. The black and white dress are the same style, very cute and nice feminine details (pleated, swingy bottom). And buy that denim jacket small and tight (you can take the girl out of the heavy metal club....)

Also get the EleVen sweatpants. They are soft, long (remember, Venus is tall) and wash well (I bought these months ago). And they are $8.98! There are also lots of T's and long sleeved shirts, but it looks like most of the pretty sweatjackets are gone.

Then pick up a pair of Steve & Barry's cargo shorts for your man. Because it's going to get warm and they're $8.98.

Steve & Barry's, Manhattan Mall level 2, 33rd @ 6th