Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Angels of Herald Square

It's no Costume Institute exhibit at the Met, but Angels have archives, too. On display at Victoria's Secret Herald Square flagship store:

Angel wings, runway costumes, and the Angel's star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Oh, my. Worth the trip alone is the get-up Tyra wore in her last appearance as a Victoria's Secret Angel (left). I have new-found appreciation for Ms. Banks' fierceness after seeing it up close. That's a lot of wing to work.

And is that an Angel airplane behind Heidi Klum? Don't you wish they'd done a reality show, like "Angels en Route: See Them Fly." Do they carry-on their wings? Drink from little airline bottles? Get the kosher meal? And do they fight for position as soon as the plane lands so they're the first one out? You know, important things I really want to know...

Victoria's Secret Herald Square, 1328 Broadway @ 34th