Thursday, May 1, 2008

Billa Who?

Me, in Billabong, and surprisingly OK with it. I've not visited since their opening on 34th Street because: a) I'm pretty sure I'm not their demographic; and b) the one time I tried to surf it was very entertaining for those watching but not so fun for me. However, my first Billabong shopping experience was quite pleasant. The staff is friendly without a hint of annoying aggression. And they don't bat an eye at "older than everyone in the store" types trying on their clothes.

Good finds at Billabong, below: skinny colored jeans ($54), easy summer dresses ($42), sexy windbreakers ($62), and short shorts ($44). Personally, the only place I'll wear short shorts is my favorite vacation destination: tacky beach towns where one finds salt-water taffy, Thrasher fries and boardwalk pizza. This is the fashion Bizarro World where inhabitants, indulging in all of the aforementioned delights, are immune to very white legs and less than perfect bodies.

Back to the Billabong gems:
I'm smitten. This is good city weekend wear. Except for the white pants with the cute, gathered elastic waistband. Keep those for running off the sand to get some fries.

Billabong, 34th & Broadway