Monday, May 19, 2008

FIT Senior Fashion Show 2008: Sportswear

This was a fun show and had five whole categories of woman's clothing. So old school and entertaining. Each day this week I'll show a little selection; today is sportswear. Sorry, all of these FIT photos stink! I was right at the end of the runway and on top of the spotlights. But check out these impressive shapes and interesting styles. Favorite trends in this sportswear category were geometric cuts, layering, and great focus on the back (true for all of the show, which was full of stunning back details. Just like Fall 2008 collections!).

Designers & clothes, left to right, top and bottom rows: Busra Azizoglu, gorgeous layered back lapel detailing; Jaclyn Alvo, grey double layered shrug w/painted skirt; Victoria Spector, asymmetric zipper blouse w/silver tiered skirt; India Davis, magenta motorcycle jacket w/color block tunic; Margherita Paglia, cream satin print shirt over layered tops, leggings & skirt; Hye-Sook Han, khaki military dress & vinyl coat.

My favorite is that magenta motorcycle jacket over the tunic and the Margherita Paglia. I adore that chic, city-ease look and her varied prints. Click here for more information on the show and some professional pictures!


Anonymous said...

Oh, can we just say thank you for sharing these! There are a couple the Princess would absolutely want to schlep into the fitting room (or have sent to the house), and there were loads more we liked in the DFR story you linked to, like the Misin Kim white cotton wedding gown, as in jaw-dropping gorgeous...LoveLoveLove it! We most definitely need to investigate more party frocks from her! There is some amazing talent out there!

Lipstick said...

SOOOO chic! I am so jealous...a REAL live fashion show! So do the models look ten feet tall when you are sitting there? (please excuse my country girl awe)

Nothing said...

That sounds like so much fun!

Tricia said...

the girls were really tall and impressive! Particularly for the intimate apparel - can you imagine letting it all hang out up there?! They looked great.

Always In Style said...

Wow, these are all great but look #2 would be my fantasy purchase!

Great post!