Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Gap's Got It Long

Two long dresses from Gap:

Kind of maxi, but really more prairie, and not quite there for me. Perhaps because that color washes me out? But as soon as I put it on I longed for a meadow filled with flowers, a sunny day, and the ability to teleport self to such meadow on said sunny day. With a picnic basket, Husband, and copious bottles of wine, ASAP. See, fashion is fantasy! And it can also keep you slender. This dress is long, it's swingy, and it's a little heavy. Just think of all the extra calories you'll burn through the day, particularly while romping through fantasy meadow.

The next dress is 3/4 maxi, and is European Collection. So of course I want it. And this one I really do want. I look better in the darker color and the length is kind of appealing. We could wear this to work with a jacket; I'm seeing a short white jacket.

And some miscellaneous Gap love. The linen wrap dress is $59.50 (again, not my color but great summer dress), the sun kissed wash yellow T is $24.50 (these happy shirts come in many truly sun kissed colors), and the red flower print shirt is on sale for $34.99.

Gap, 60 W. 34th at 6th Avenue


Always In Style said...

That wrap dress is so flattering - I hope you bought it!

Tricia said...

No, I've been put on probation, but that's saying a lot for the dress because I have no waist and usually try to avoid anything that involves ties around it!

emigre said...

Did you like the blue floral and solid purple short-sleeved tunic dresses? They're on sale now for 29.50 and look mighty enticing.