Thursday, May 22, 2008

FIT Senior Fashion Show 2008: Special Occasion

I love a dress that gives good back. Like this, left, from Allison Baldus, an iridescent silk chiffon gown w/leather details (yes, that back strap is leather, way cool).

And this, created by Helene Fastow, a lovely dusty purple and grey fluted chiffon gown. Beautiful (the front is above in the Baldus photo).

For the society lady, a baby Blass from Ashley Mertz. It's ombre charmeuse w/a beaded train & blue cashmere jacket.

And a personal favorite, this black and print sequined dress w/ostrich feather lining by Julia Bergh. I love the lines and how it moves, thanks to that clever lining.

Last, for the party girls, an emerald green ruffled cocktail dress w/Swarovski beaded top by Karina Dookeran.

This is an impressive group. I'm missing the traditional show stopper wedding dresses because the photos were not printable, grrr. But, if you haven't checked it out yet, I found some great photos posted here. I love Minsun Kim's strapless gown covered with cotton voile roses. And Lisa H. Le's blanc chiffon swirl dress w/hand-painted ombre satin ruffles needs to swirl right off that runway and onto an Oscar nominee. Especially if Cate or Tilda are in the limelight again next year.

**disclaimer: I'm pretty sure I got all these names matched with dresses, but I had to usurp a young lady from my seat & lost the program in the process. I picked up a stray post-show, but apologize profusely if I mismatched designers + dresses.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more in regards to how how love a dress that gives good back (super cute wording also). I think the back of an outfit is just as important as the front, and is such an unexpected touch!